Saturday, November 27, 2010


Who am I?
As a first blog post, I think it's only appropriate to introduce myself.
My name is Edward-Gabriel Barbu (Zadirion), and I'm a software developer by day, avid gamer by night, and an up-and-coming indie game developer in between.

I'm a full time software developer at Caphyon Ltd, working on one of their products called Advanced Installer. Feel free to look it up. In my free time, I am working hard on a game I came up with a few years ago. I intend it to be fun and original.

So what's this game I'm working on all about?
I can't say much just yet, but let's just say that if you liked Minecraft or Infiniminer, you're very likely to enjoy this. Since my game is not ready yet, why not check out Minecraft? You're bound to have some fun with it. Also, for 10 Euros (about $13), Minecraft is almost as cheap as my game will be.

I estimate the game will be out in a few months. I will post updates here and on twitter @zadirion, so do subscribe!